• Affirmation exercises help children identify their strengths and help them set themselves achievable goals to improve their weaknesses
  • Positive visualisation exercises can motivate children to achieve their goals, by helping them see that these goals are within their reach
  • Simple exercises help children to identify and deal with their emotions constructively, while respecting other people’s feelings and emotions at the same time
  • Affirmation exercises help boost children’s self-esteem and identify personal qualities and achievements
  • Whole group or partner-based activities help children develop social skills and relationships with peers outside of their usual friendship circle
  • Relax Kids sessions help children understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including the benefits of exercise and healthy eating
  • Relax Kids sessions also help children understand the importance of emotional wellbeing for a healthy mind

Speaking & Listening, Drama

  • Children develop their confidence taking turns to lead group games, or working in pairs
  • Children learn when to talk and when to listen to each other
  • Improvisation games help children learn how to respond creatively to new situations
  • Children develop creative ways of expressing themselves, using mime, facial expression, movement and sound