Working in groups or 1-2-1 Relax Kids is a ground breaking and fun way of  addressing young peoples emotional well being.


Your child will learn skills that they can use for life:


Relax Kids classes include the following activities:


Relax Kids classes last between 45 and 60 mins and are different from any others as they use a unique combination of mindful games, storytelling with exercises, stretching, breathing, massage as well as positive affirmations, visualisations, mindfulness and relaxations. The program allows children to have fun but also learn vital skills that will help them for years to come.

Some more benefits of Relax Kids classes:
Promotes positive thinking
Creates a sense of calm & wellbeing
Helps increased ability to focus
Helps increase level of concentration
Develops self confidence and self esteem
Improves emotional resilience
Develops self leadership
Develops self awareness
Boosts the immune system
Increases blood flow and slows down heart rate
Improves circulation
Releases endorphins
Decreases tension
Promotes deeper sleep
Develops social skills
Calms our meerkat 🙂

Kids with star cards

Afterschool Community Class on Thursdays (Start dates TBC)

Parent Introduction to Relax Kids

Various dates available to give an introduction to Relax Kids for parents.

This is 1hr 30 min workshop is for anyone working with or dealing with children.  You will learn basic relaxation techniques and pick up some great ideas to use with children.  This is a hands on workshop and participation is necessary.  This workshop is available on various dates throughout the year and costs £15 per person including valuable resources to use at home.  Watch out for the next date.

How much is a class?

Class costs are based on the length of the class and all payments are required up front for the whole term.

30 Minutes (i.e. Little Stars 3 - 5 years)

Class Cost: £5 
Paid termly in advance (6 weeks)
Term Cost: £30

1 Hour (i.e. Magical Adventures 5 - 10 years)

Class Cost: £6
Paid termly in advance (6 weeks)
Term Cost: £36

Please note: If you join mid-way through a term then pre-payment of the remaining weeks for that term will need to be paid in advance.