Relax Kids & GoZen! in Schools and Pre-Schools

Be Relaxed offer services to all age groups in nurseries, primary and high schools and can be tailored to your needs.



Please find below some suggestions of deliveries in schools.  We are flexible, so open to other ideas of how we can work within Schools & Nurseries:

• Inset day 'Be Relaxed' session to teachers (the most successful intervention of using the Be Relaxed service is with a whole school approach with each classroom using regular relaxation and mindfulness exercises in short bursts which I can pass onto to the teachers).

• Self-regulation techniques such as a tool kit of relaxation methods for pupils.

• Short relaxation sessions after playtime and lunchtime to help resolve conflicts.

• Whole School Wellbeing Days to coincide and compliment certain times of the year such as; Health week and Friendship week.

• Weekly designated Be Relaxed sessions at nurture group sessions, PSHE, circle time & PE sessions.

• Morning breakfast Club i.e. 8am – 8.45am

• Lunchtime Club

• After school Club i.e. 3.15 - 4.15pm

• 1-1 sessions with children

• Relaxation/ mindfulness and wellbeing sessions for parents

• School Assembly sessions (at particular key dates i.e. mental health week / International Happiness Day.


* I am also happy to offer mindfulness and relaxation sessions for the adults working with children in various settings (during or out of school hours) so that they can de-stress and learn to feel the benefits of mindful practice for themselves.

Whilst based in East Berkshire, I am happy to consider travelling further afield.


Relax Kids Community Classes

The Relax Kids community sessions are held at suitable, handpicked, family friendly venues for all age groups. Community sessions can be arranged upon request at a location of your choice if desired.


Our currently community classes are held at the wonderful Vibez Dance Studios in Woodley (just above Iceland - the shop that is :-)).


Past Community Classes testimonials:

  • My son is currently attending classes with Lorna and I can already see the improvement in his self belief, he seems more positive and happy already. I sat in a taster session which was brilliant, so relaxed and inclusive and Lorna even included my youngest child too, my son couldn't wait to get back. Thank you Lorna


  • My daughter attended some relax kids classes in Woodley with Lorna, she enjoyed the sessions and described them as relaxing and calming. My daughter is quite shy and reserved but Lorna made her feel comfortable and welcome


  • “Thank you for the session earlier in the week. My daughter loved it and said straight away that it was ‘the best class she had ever done’. She was so positive and talkative about the games and techniques you had used. I think it will really boost her self esteem and happiness going forwards which is fantastic.”


  • Charlie has really enjoyed his time on the relax kids course, he has allowed me to leave him there which is a huge mile stone for us as I haven't previously been able to leave him anywhere other than with 2 family members or school (which is a struggle) he seems much more able to find the positives about himself which was the main reason we signed up to the course, he tells me he's good at things, that's all we really wanted to be able for him to see, and to be nicer to himself. Huge thanks to Lorna who has been brilliant with me and with Charlie! Thank you x


  • Endorsement by the Reach Approach:


Our Past Course of Community Classes: CONFIDENCE BOOTCAMP!!:


Our Current Course of Community Classes is HAPPINESS ADVENTURES!!:

For ages: 5 - 10 year olds

***Our Joyful Happiness Adventure: Discover, learn & share the amazing feeling of being happy!

***Learn valuable skills such as confidence, emotional resilience & self esteem on an exciting & fun journey each week. ***

*** Wed 24th April to Wed 22nd May***

4pm - 5pm

Venue: Vibez Dance Studios, Woodley

To book, please email: or book at (Happiness Adventure)


Our Next Course of Community Classes is MIGHTY MONSTER ADVENTURES!!:

Next theme of Relax Kids classes in Woodley is....... 'Mighty Monster Adventures'

Starts Wednesday 5th June to the 10th June 4pm - 5pm (6 classes).

Where we will get to know our different emotions; how they make us feel and how to tame them, thus developing emotional resilience, self regulation and awareness. While having lots of fun

Other benefits:

** develop self confidence

** builds self-esteem

** be self empowered

** manage moods and emotions

** manage stress and anxiety

** increase brain power

** relax and improve sleep

Any questions, just email me at  and or to book go to -


One to One

I am very happy to offer one to one sessions either in your child’s familiar home environment or in my own setting which includes lots of sensory relaxing props.  Alongside tailoring a session to suit your child’s individual needs and providing you with resources to help you practice together after your session, I also provide very relaxing stories to help with bedtime routines to wind down and be ready for sleep.


Small Occasional Groups

If there is a small group of friends interested in being introduced to Relax Kids & mindfulness, private sessions can also be arranged to spread cost. These can take place in one of the participants homes if preferred.



Sessions for families can be arranged upon request. During the session we practice using mindful activities using our breathing, sensory and relaxation techniques and following the Relax Kids award winning 7 steps to help calm our nervous systems, develop our imaginations and creativity as well as building self-esteem and family connection.

We also have a few laughs and lots of fun along the way.


Magical Birthday Parties

One hour session prior to food to help celebrate and have lots of fun.

The theme of the session and music will be agreed with the parent/carer beforehand so it can be tailored to what the child is interested in. It is great if the child can choose a theme for their own party. We can aim tailor all the games and activities around this theme.  The coach will be dressed relevant to the theme.

To give an idea, a previous party was like a fairytale, whereupon the coach delivering dressed up as a fairy from fairyland. Children came dressed as their favourite fairytale character. There was sprinkling of magic fairy dust all over to spread and feel the magic.  The tea was a Madhatter’s Tea party.  The party was full of sparkle, surprises, and fun.

Other Possible Party Activity Options:

Face Painting

Parachute Games

Crafting Activity to fit the theme.



The Award Winning Relax Kids 7 Steps Methodology

All the steps activities are done mindfully which includes gentle mindful movement, imaginative games, stretching and our breath to anchor us fully into our bodies, along with breathing and sensory exercises, music, art & craft, storytelling and relaxation.

These sessions are a lot of fun and offer children the most valuable of gifts; methods they can employ to help themselves be resilient in the face of life’s challenges and to help experience mental, emotional and physical well-being.



Everything that GoZen! offers follows the principle that emotional well-being can be cultivated through practice. Be Relaxed offers GoZen! which is a suite of educational programs and tools delivered in a very fun way to arm kids with essential life skills to not only manage anxiety, but to live with deeper engagement and purpose.



*Be Relaxed services have no religious content and are suitable for all.