Back to Calm School Programme

Sessions to support pupils mental and emotional wellbeing after lockdown.

Help your pupils manage the transition back to the classroom with this very nurturing programme.

Nurturing sessions based on themes of feeling safe, developing positivity, resilience and feeling connected.


Helps pupils manage change
Encourages positive thinking
builds resilience and a sense of community
Gives pupils tools to help them feel safe and stable




Friendship   Kindness     Safety    Calm    Positivity

Resilience  Connection   Fun   Nurturing  Creative



Rules that will be followed, including any that are set by the school:


Class sizes are smaller and children have adequate space between each other.


Contact games will be replaced.


Peer story massage will be replaced with story self-massage.


Face massage will be avoided.


Children will be asked to wash their hands before the class and encouraged
not to touch their faces.

Props will be kept to a minimum and there will be more miming/gestures and imagination used.


Eye masks will not be used.


Wipes and sanitisers will be available.