Hi, My name is Lorna and I set up Be Relaxed
I'm so pleased that you've discovered us!

Be Relaxed was set up to help schools, nurseries, children, adults and families with nurturing positive wellbeing, building resilience, self-esteem, awareness and confidence. The Be Relaxed programs leverage the latest research and science, with lots of fun to help develop lifelong habits for self-care and to thrive.

Throughout my younger years I pretty much always felt anxious to varying degrees.  The levels of anxiety fluctuated depending on what was going on at the time.  For example I always had chronic anxiety whenever my mum would go out for a night out with her friends and with a family of nine children (me being the youngest) to look after it wasn’t easy for her.  I would plead with her to not go out and I felt totally lost.  I think this is why I am so passionate about what I do as I want to help others especially children so they can learn from a young age how to keep themselves relaxed and resilient with skills for life.

I very gratefully discovered meditation and yoga at the age of 16.

My mum died very suddenly when I was 18 and this traumatic experience was very difficult for me to handle. I was young and I really didn’t know how to deal with my emotions at the time, the mental, emotional and physical pain was unbearable.

My life thus far certainly hasn’t been plane sailing, Ive been there and worn the torn t-shirt.  Ive overcome my own problems which have taken me to some very dark and lonely places including being super stressed, chronically anxious, being bullied, deep grief, suffered severe IBS and hyperthyroidism.   During my journey Ive discovered the vital importance of really looking after yourself as no matter what people do or say they cant get into your head. The most important relationship you can ever have is the relationship you have with yourself, fully accepting and embracing what you see in the mirror whole heartedly as a non negotiable.  It’s the most important marriage there is.


Ive been inspired and uplifted by the many retreats and talks Ive attended, books Ive read.  A simple thing that Ive discovered in my own personal growth is self care is the key.  Self care, really looking after, acknowledging and nurturing yourself is the most vital thing.  If you don’t have self care as the foundation no matter how many books you read or retreats you attend what you get from them will soon fade without self care and with that care comes being relaxed.

Despite graduating at the top of my class in my 20s, I noticed that everything and everyone was constantly on the go and far from relaxed, no time for self reflection, enquiry or creativity.

I have worked at one of the top leading IT companies in the world, Microsoft for 18 years.  During my career I have enjoyed coaching my colleagues, mainly asking lots of questions to enhance self empowerment and awareness and was really effective.  I noticed that no matter how hard I, clients and colleagues tried to be successful if we weren’t relaxed the whole endeavour was tarnished from the word go and our energy was completely being zapped, with no enjoyment in the process.   Relaxation is a state of consciousness characterised by feelings of peace, ease of tension, anxiety and fear.  By not being relaxed in the doing your being energy can get zapped.

On my journey of growth Ive trained and qualified as a massage therapist, a yoga teacher and a Relax Kids coach.

Ive always used fun relaxation practices with my own two young children.  Through my own first hand personal experience Ive developed a deep appreciation of the importance of relaxation to your physical, emotional and mental health.

I have a heartfelt passion to help and support others to be relaxed, calm and confident and ‘be relaxed’ was set up to bring all that I offer together.    Being relaxed and knowing how to be relaxed is I believe key to happiness and reaching our full potential.

We should I think all feel relaxed, safe, protected, happy and confident and have the tools and techniques to help manage when things in life go topsy turvy.


My aim is to provide simple yet effective self care techniques for relaxation, mindfulness and stress management in a very fun, imaginative, mindful way.

These and a positive outlook I believe are keys to good mental health, self esteem and emotional resilience to feel happier, positive and empowered and lead an enriching life.

You are Relaxed


I am Relaxed


We are Relaxed


Self-care means being repeatedly kind to yourself. It is only by developing a culture of compassion that you can make it to your destination. Condemnation simply doesn’t work. It only hurts your heart and means you are more likely to hurt the hearts of others. Note however, that kindness and compassion does not mean complacency. This is not about letting oneself off the hook. This is about realizing real strength and power is a gentle, unwavering force that moves towards its destination in an uncompromising way. It’s time for you to make self-care your highest priority.

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