Suitable for 10yrs+.

Building self awareness, self confidence and self esteem. Nurturing self care with mindful practices that help navigate the waves of life and reach your full potential. 

All participants receive a lovely journal which we work through together. 

Develop through Chill Skills:

Themes Covered



“I’ve been very impressed with the subtle but very large changes in behaviour and self worth in such a short period of time. One of my children has been reluctant to attend school, but has has started to enjoy it again, and it is only on reflection and in consultation with my diary that I can say that this change coincides with the start of the Chill Skills classes. Thank you!”

The Chill Skills programme has been specifically devised to help enhance learning potential, improve confidence and develop emotional literacy, equipping young people with the tools to manage their mood, emotion and behaviour in a positive way. Regular relaxation and self esteem sessions can also raise achievement and improve SATS and exam results.

Practices include mindfulness, relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, peer massage, visualisation and discussions on topics related to developing a healthy lifestyle.

Each participant will also receive a lovely journal and weekly handout, to help support their learning.

Every Child Matters - 5 Outcomes

Chill Skills link to the 5 Outcomes in the following way:

The 5 Outcomes are covered perfectly by Chills Skills. Through relaxation and self-esteem exercises, we encourage identifying and nurturing strengths, self-care, developing their confidence and positivity as well as how to show respect for themselves and to others. Teaching simple relaxation and self-motivational techniques is one of the keys to helping youth grow up in a balanced and well rounded way. Chill Skills encourages the sharing of experiences, helps build self esteem, confidence, stronger relationships between children, school and the community. Incorporating Chill Skills into your school will have a positive impact, which will be shown throughout school and community.

NB: In Scotland the Every Child Matters Program is known as ‘A Curriculum for Excellence’


“The children thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, many said they felt more relaxed afterwards. It gave them an opportunity to explore their feelings and express themselves as well as being good exercise”

S.Palmer P.S.H.E Coordinator

“The children really enjoy the Relax Kids sessions. It helps to improve their focus and self esteem in preparation for their SATS. Since we started using Relax Kids, three years ago, St Faith’s has risen from 17th to 11th place in the Wandsworth league table. “

S.Cook, Headteacher St Faith’s Primary