The Relax Kids programme supports the Children’s Act (2004).

Relaxation and self-esteem exercises encourage children to see their strengths and equally notice those of others, look after themselves, develop their confidence and positivity.

Teaching children simple relaxation techniques is key to helping them grow up in a balanced and well rounded way. The Relax Kids in Schools Programme encourages children to share experiences, build self-esteem, confidence, and in turn develop stronger relationships between children, the school and the community.

Relax Kids classes and resources links to the Every Child Matters Outcomes in the following way:

Children are kept SAFE. They are occupied and in a safe and supervised environment. Learning selfregulation helps children to stay safe at times when they feel out of control. Peer massage teaches children about safe touch and the importance of being able to say no to touch that they do not like.


Children are encouraged to be HEALTHY. The children learn activities that encourage them to get active, have healthy minds and make healthy choices. The physical aspects of the Relax Kids programme includes high energy games, physical activities and stretching, which helps to promote a healthy body and mind.

The Relax Kids programme benefits children’s ECONOMIC WELLBEING. Children are offered

strategies to help them talk about and manage their emotions. This has a direct effect on attainment in school and future employability. In addition, the programme encourages positive thinking, inspiring children to be the best they can and aim high.

Relax Kids encourages children to ENJOY AND ACHIEVE in the class by being relaxed and ready to learn. Children are therefore more able to remain calm, stay focussed and realise their full potential. The Relax Kids programme encourages and provides activities that the children will enjoy and celebrate their successes.

Children are encouraged to MAKE A POSITIVE CONTRIBUTION within the class. This is acheived through different activities such as team building and empowering the children to feel able to contribute to the group.

The programme is designed to promote respect, team work, care, self-esteem and self-confidence while at the same time encouraging children to learn how to relax, chill out and be still.


Teaching children simple relaxation techniques is key to helping them grow up in a balanced and well rounded way.

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