• A Unique Child
  • Positive Relationships
  • Enabling Environments
  • Learning and Development

Characteristics of Effective Learning

Relax Kids has developed the ‘Little Stars Programme’ specifically to meet the learning and development needs of Early Years Foundation Stage children.

Little Stars classes are suitable for children from ages 3-5+. They can be easily incorporated into a normal day in the school hall or classroom.

Playing and exploring

Little Stars classes encourage children to engage in the world around them through play. Through non-competitive games, imaginative mime and role- play, children can develop their love of learning and ignite their curiosity.

Active Learning

Little Stars exercises encourage whole group participation through no-pressure circle games and partner-based activities. Children help each other and emphasis is placed on intrinsic reward by focusing on how children feel at the end of a session.


Creating and thinking critically

Early Years Foundation Stage

Little Stars classes develop children’s individuality and creativity. Children are encouraged to respond creatively and uniquely to open-ended tasks and games. Children’s interests are respected and effort and bravery are rewarded.

Areas of Learning and Development

Relax Kids meets the three prime areas important for developing children’s capacity to thrive and ignite a curiosity and love of learning.

Personal, social and emotional development

Little Stars exercises develop children’s social skills and help them build positive relationships through activities like peer massage. Children ask permission before giving a massage and say thank you when they receive a massage. Children learn the difference between ‘positive touch’ and ‘negative touch’, as well as developing their empathic skills.

Affirmation exercises help children build self-esteem and learn to recognise their own strengths and qualities, as well as identifying and respecting the strengths and qualities of others.

Physical development

Movement games and simple stretching exercises encourage children’s physical development, and help develop children’s  co-ordination, control and movement.

Affirmation exercises help children understand the importance of making healthy choices about their bodies.

Communication and language

Affirmation games build children’s confidence, as well as developing their speaking and listening skills through group participation games and encouraging them to take turns expressing themselves in a range of new and creative ways.

Understanding the world

Relax Kids Little Stars exercises can also help meet some specific areas of Learning and Development

Imaginative mime and role play help children make sense of their physical world and community.

Children are encouraged to use their imaginations to explore and appreciate the natural environment through nature visualisations. Children also learn about and visualise foreign lands, or imagine new and magical places.

Expressive Arts and Design

Movement games give children opportunities to express themselves creatively through dance, movement and sound.