We are Human Beings not Human Doings

So I’m using an example here of shopping.  So, while walking around Ikea like in a trance looking at all the stuff,,, so much stuff pulling your attention here, there and everywhere…look at me…look at me… all the stuff just zapping you, completely losing all track of time.  Everything so tantalising and alluring.  Before you know it 2 hours have went passed and realise you've completely forgotten what actually you came to the shop for.  So you stop to check what time it is and nearly keel over surprised that over 2 hours have passed by, its like your in a time warp, been zapped into the future… thinking; how can that be, Ive only just got here, but by golly I feel knackered.  So you get yourself together and sit on one of the Ikea chairs and think right, I need to be out of here in ten minutes challenge Aneka. Quickly find an Ikea sales person and eventually after running about in circles looking for the desks, the shelf unit and a few random bits (that when you get home say why did I even buy these) and then you’ve manage to push the trolley out of the store. What planned to be a half hour visit to Ikea ended up being a 4 hour visit.  And why did it happen, why did we lose that time and get sucked into the trance like mode that actually happens many times; when shopping, on the computer, scrolling through reviews or holiday ideas.  So lets get better at not getting into that trance like mode and be really conscious of what mode of thinking we are in from the doing mode to the being mode so attention is on the now and we are enjoying rather than striving to get something and doing, doing, doing,,, which helps to be in the moment and be attentive to what’s going on so we can prevent our stress levels creeping up and flooding our bodies with cortisol and adrenalin.

Writing in a journal about what your thankful for and what makes you happy is very helpful as it really helps  to focus on what's important so the less important things wont zap you; like Ikea moments/hours….which frankly can be stressful if your not in the moment and know why your there in the first place.


To help endeavours to not be zapped and enjoy the right now you can try a number of things which are listed below:

So are we all more dominant on the doing side?  I think so.  With all the latest gadgets and mod cons and this constant on digital age its no wonder as its infectious and before we know it we are going from doing one to thing to another.  Its exhausting and eventually will make us feel burnt out.   So can we escape thing doing mode of mind? - I think so. And it doesn’t involve burning your laptop and smartphone.  In fact it involves doing very little - other than noticing when the mind is in this potentially harmful mode and gently escort your attention to what is happening right now - the 'being' mode.


'The being mode is not devoted to achieving particular goals. In this mode, there is no need to emphasise discrepancy-based processing or constantly to monitor and evaluate. Instead the focus of the being mode is accepting and allowing what is, without any immediate pressure to change it'  - Ahhhhhh & Be Relaxed and Breathe

(Mindfulness - Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression,  Zindel Segal, Mark Williams and John Teasdale).


The mind can only be in one gear at a time; the doing or the being gear.  Some steps to change gear from Doing to Being are:

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