Stay on Track with your Values

Stay on Track with your Values

One of the ways that helps stay on track and remain true is by following values.

I try to keep them to the forefront of mind like a framework to help when making decisions, generally.

Keeps from having self doubt & get crystal clear about what motivates you, and what makes you tick.

As a result by honouring your most important values it helps in being fulfilled & happy.

Its a really helpful exercise to do if you haven't identified your values or haven't done it for a while.


  1. Look at the examples of values below.
  2. Take a moment to consider each value and its importance to you personally. Ask yourself is it (1) not at all important in my life (2) fairly important in my life, (3) very important in my life or (4) extremely important in my life.
  3. Against each value, in the right hand column, mark 1, 2, 3 or 4 depending on its importance, as indicated above.
  4. Many values seem quite similar. Some seem like personal values and some seem like universal values or principles. Don’t worry about that. Just give a mark that reflects how you feel in your heart. Or if you prefer, cluster a few together, for example: appreciation/acknowledgment/recognition.
  5. When you’ve finished going through the list, pick out the values you’ve marked with a 4. If there are 5 or less, look at those you’ve marked with a 3 and try to identify the most important of those, to create a list of Top Five Values.
  6. If you’ve got 6 or more values marked with a 4, look at those values again and try to identify the Top 5. If necessary, ask yourself “If I had to choose between (value A) and (value B) which would I choose?”
  7. When you have your Top Five Values. Write a brief description about what this value means to you.













  • Pointer: This is about YOU and your values. So keep a wary eye out for any “shoulds” – feelings that you ought to have certain values, for example, “honesty”. It is important that in this process of identifying your own personal value system you learn to notice when you are responding to the values of others or of society at large and when you are listening to your heart.


Some Examples of Values:

accomplishment fame pressure
accuracy fast pace privacy
a life of the mind forward movement recognition
achievement freedom respect
achieving potential friendship risk-taking
acknowledgment fun romance
adventure hard work routine
altruism harmony results
appreciation helping others safety
artistic endeavour honesty security
authenticity humour self-care
autonomy imagination self-expression
balance independence sensuality
aesthetics/beauty influencing service
being a catalyst integrity solitude
being in the flow Intellectual rigour spirituality
being my best intimacy status
belonging intuition success
challenge joy support
clarity justice teaching
commitment keeping promises teamwork
compassion leadership thrill
completion learning tolerance
connectedness leisure time tradition
contribution love trust
co-operation loyalty variety
creativity making a difference vitality
dependability making decisions wellness
directness money winning
ease my faith wisdom
elegance nurturing   Other:
emotional health openness   Other:
empathy order/accuracy   Other:  
empowerment organisation   Other:  
encouraging nature   Other:  
energy partnership   Other:  
entertaining passion   Other:  
environment peace   Other:  
equality peace of mind   Other:  
excellence personal growth   Other:  
excitement personal responsibility   Other:  
expertise pioneering   Other:  
fairness power   Other:  



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