Self-Care for your wellbeing

Self care, really looking after, acknowledging and nurturing yourself is of upmost importance to maintain your wellbeing.   If you don't have self care as your foundation then no matter how many books you read or retreats you attend, what you get from them will soon fade. As with that self care comes prioritising your holistic wellbeing.

More and more over the years we seem to have prioritised doing over our state of being.  We always seem to be on the go, doing, doing, doing as much as we can. This time more than ever we really benefit and need time to feel our most awesome states of being; being loved and loving, being peaceful, being joyful which uplifts us, heals, recharges, replenishes, keeps us in alignment and balanced.

To feel our most magnificent unlimited, (stripped away from inherited limited belief systems) we start with our own self identity (how we see and view ourselves and others) and with that comes the quality of our thoughts.




We have a choice. We have a choice about how we respond and see ourselves, others and life events - either responding with love or responding with fear. Choose Love ❤️ in all its expressions with: compassion, acceptance, kindness, gentleness, respect, honesty, friendship, co-operation, tolerance.


Higher quality thoughts about ourselves and others leads to feelings associated with peace, love and happiness which uplifts, heals, recharges and generally increases our holistic wellbeing. Our state of being is then that of being in-alignment, balanced and stable, therefore your being is well - 'wellbeing' and you are relaxed.

Being relaxed is so important in life.  Relaxation is a state of consciousness characterised by feelings of peace, ease of tension, anxiety and fear.

With self-care comes a deep appreciation of the importance of living from the inside out.

This drawing I have done illustrates the different feelings associated with living from the inside out: you are rooted in deep self appreciation of your innate goodness, qualities along with self compassion and self care. This is a very strong, secure and stable foundation where you are not adversely impacted by the world.  Living from an outside in approach is the opposite.

So prioritise your self care as a non negotiable. Appreciate, fully accept and embrace who you are, not for anything in particular (status, material gain, job roles...) but just for your existence and your being and your being will be well 🙂

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