Honouring the wonder of human beings helps increase my self love

My little self reflection share:

Over the last months or so I’ve realised more and more (as I peel the onion to get to me and let go of what holds me back) one of the main reasons why I struggle with feelings like; ‘not being good enough’, ‘low self worth’, ‘feeling like I’m the odd one out’, ‘feeling inferior to everyone else’, ‘fear of rejection’, ‘people pleasing’, ‘seeking approval’, ‘fear of being me’.. ..


Now the negative beliefs we hold about ourselves that hold us back are not actually true, they have just been inherited/acquired through our life (particularly in our younger years) so the good news is they can be disposed of/they don’t belong to us.   

The things that are true about us make us feel good; like love, peace, happiness… they feel good because we have these already built in,  its what we are and haven’t been acquired- we are beings of love, peace and happiness.   


Maybe the above resonates with you? so may also help you so I thought I would share: So the realisation was/is that I don’t appreciate being a human being, I don’t appreciate & embrace me really – work in progress.   So I then thought, if I really deep down appreciate, honour and embrace the human experience and the wonder of us all, knowing that we are all doing the best we can then I can extend that to myself as I’m a human being too :-).   

We are all on our own journey, and peeling the onion to get to me I think is like an exploration and when I feel compassion for the human race I’m extending that to myself. 

If I honour, love and appreciate more the wonder of human beings then again that wonder applies to me as I am also a human being ☺️    

This attitude has really helped me elevate my consciousness and sort of like fired me up if you like – if I don’t honour myself then I’m not honouring other human beings.    So love and respect yourself – tend to your needs, be a best friend to your mind, appreciate your innate goodness, accept the wonder of you, embrace this gift of life to its fullest and the be true and be good to yourself 💗💗💗

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