Be Happier Cultivating Living from the Inside-Out

So when I think of this idea of living from the inside out, it involves disassociating from all the roles you currently play in your life whether that be a mum, dad, grandparent, sister, brother, cleaner, policeman, home maker, electrician…. And living your life based on you that comes deep within with integrity before all those roles we might play in our life. As we do this it helps our self esteem and self worth increase and be based on our potential and appreciation for the self, and not dependent on the labels and roles we play. Hence when we do play our roles the quality of our interactions will be fuller, richer, with substance fuelled with contentment with better decision making.

A way to cultivate this way of living in 3 steps is to actually draw it out:

Step 1:   Draw a picture within a circle to represent you as demonstrated below (you could use a photograph of yourself):

Step 2: Write down within the circle (represents the external & your interaction with the world) all the roles you play in life i.e. Mum, dad, brother, sister, grandpa, police man , nurse, teacher, cleaner, home maker, friend…..) .


Step 3: Now unpick yourself from those roles.  To help with this you can cut out the picture you have drawn of yourself or simply notice that the roles you have written down are in the realm of your external environment and are your interactions with the outside and when you remove those roles what are you left with…………YOU! 🙂 in all your awesomeness***!!


We all play different roles in life, its what we do. What you are is a ‘Being’ and not a ‘Doing’. You can choose how to Be in any given moment and that’s pretty powerful and Being comes before Doing. In those roles that you Do its up to you how you choose to Be in that role your playing.

By having a go at this little exercise it helps to acknowledge and notice the power of you and the unlimited potential you and all human beings have.

By living with an Inside (a Being) Out (Interacting with the world) perspective the choices you make will reflect the real you and not someone else’s ideas, opinions, judgements or approvals. So your energy is being used in the right way as what you do will reflect you; your virtues and innate talents. Hence your interactions wont zap your energy but will energise you and help uplift others from the Inside Out.

Listening to your own heart and dancing to its beat.



  1. David Ingram on March 3, 2019 at 11:14 pm

    Great blog post, thanks! Will definetly use this.

    • Lorna on March 4, 2019 at 11:21 pm

      Thanks David for taking the time to leave a comment and really glad you enjoyed reading my blog.
      Best wishes,

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